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July 9, 2008

A TV must-see on modern slavery

I’m reprinting this note, which I got today from Ben Skinner, who wrote the new book, “A Crime So Monstrous,” about human trafficking around the world. It’s a vital issues that gets far too little attention – and this is one of those issues that could truly be helped by public pressure. If Kenya can outlaw smoking in public places, surely human trafficking can be curtailed.

Ignore what may come across as a sales-pitch tone of the note below. Ben is right that a bump in sales of his book, as well as strong viewership of the Nightline episode, send a strong message to media decisionmakers and puts more attention on this issue: 

Tonight [Tuesday, July 8, 2008] at 11:30PM EST, ABC Nightline will air an episode inspired by the first chapter of A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery. I am writing to encourage you to watch the show, and to forward this email liberally to encourage others to do the same.

Early reviews are that the piece is devastating. Good Morning America broadcast a teaser, which you can view here: .

Finally, if you have not already done so, please visit There you can read about the book and the cause. Then please consider buying a copy today: a spike in sales will bring attention to the cause, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Free The Slaves and Anti-Slavery International, the American and British wings of the oldest human rights organization.

Thank you all. There are more slaves today than ever before. But, by working together, we can end human bondage and finally complete the “unfinished work” that Lincoln spoke of on that Thursday afternoon in Gettysburg.



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